Fabulae Dramatis - Top Songs

Agni's Dynasty (Fire, Pt. 1)
Roble para el Corazón (Wood)
Coatlicue, Serpent Skirt (Earth)
Sati (Fire, Pt. 2)
Nok Terracottas (Mud)
Smoke for the Clouds (Ahuirán's Water)
Agni's Dynasty (Fire I)
Vigil (feat. Nick G. Coward)
Quaerens Quem Devoret (feat. David Rivera and Carlos Henao)
Kein Schmerz (feat. Janina Stork)
In the Woods (feat. David Rivera)
Whine (feat. Erik Vochten)
Zeergentiin Shil (feat. Bolorchuluu and Dimitri Boyd)
Ixquic (feat. Isadora Cortina)