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The early-'90s New York trio Codeine were one of the earliest frontrunners of the American slowcore scene that included groups like Bedhead, American Analog Set, and Low. Taking audible inspiration from the third Velvet Underground album and scene pioneers Galaxie 500, but adding a more aggressive tone and slowing the tempos down even further, Codeine sounded almost entirely unique at the time, though their style was immediately adopted by a number of other new bands. Codeine had a relatively brief initial run, breaking up in 1994 and releasing just a smattering of singles, an EP, their debut album Frigid Stars LP (1990) and its follow-up The White Birch (1994). In 2012, however, their lasting influence and legacy were enough to merit both a reunion and the release of extensive anthology collection, When I See the Sun.

New York, NY, United States

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