Delightful (The Sower Never Wastes A Tear)
Days Like These (TRUST U)
All This Future
Show Me Your Heart
Have Mercy On Me Now
What Love Is (Because You Died)
MMXXII (Interlude)
Might Sound Wild (Live)
Another In The Fire (Studio)
So Will I (100 Billion X)
As You Find Me (Live)
Shadow Step
Highlands (Song of Ascent) [Live]
Touch the Sky
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) [Live from Madison Square Garden]
Prince of Peace (From a Golan Heights Memorial of War & By the Shining Lights of the Old City)
Fire Fall Down
Glimmer In the Dust
Ready Or Not (Live)
Heart Like Heaven
Holy Holy Holy
Starts and Ends (Live)
Shape Of Your Heart
Good Grace (Radio Edit)
Future Marches In
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)
Splinters and Stones
Clean (Live)
Whole Heart (Hold Me Now) [Live]
Shadow Step
I Surrender (By the Ancient Walls of a Ruined Temple)
Another in the Fire (Live)
From the Inside Out
Here's To The One (Live)
Not Today (Live)
None But Jesus
Echoes (Till We See The Other Side) [Live]
My Future Decided
None But Jesus
Street Called Mercy (From Via Dolorosa & a Dead-End Road By the Old Dead Sea Works)

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