Jayde Donovan

Jayde Donovan is many things—an award-winning host, a storyteller, a philanthropist, a mother with a wicked sense of humour. But she’s also positivity personified, so it makes sense that The Jayde Donovan Show would offer just that, with just enough realness mixed in. “I love throwbacks, dance tracks, ’90s hip-hop, ’90s alt; sometimes I like to dip into the ’80s,” she says. “I do love a good crying soundtrack too. I’m a moody mama, so I need all sorts of vibes for all types of feelings.” On her Apple Music Hits show, Jayde—a SoCal native and mother of three (plus a dog named Minja)—offers a big mood, real conversations, a look behind the music and the best pop from the ’90s and early 2000s. “It’s a hand-curated playlist designed to get you moving, lift you up, put you in a feel-good mood and take you back,” she says. “I line up throwbacks, high-energy tracks, old-school songs you haven’t heard in a while; songs that put a smile on your face and bring back memories. It’s about you and me hanging out catching a vibe together and listening to feel-good music.” Check out Jayde Donovan every morning on Apple Music Hits, Monday through Friday at 6 am LA/9 am NYC/2 pm LDN. Hometown: Los Angeles Earliest musical memory: “My mom would blast Janet Jackson and En Vogue while getting ready for work, so I know every word of Janet’s Design of a Decade and En Vogue Funky Divas. I learned to love classic rock through my dad. He used to sit in our living room on the floor for hours playing records by The Beatles, The Doors, Queen. I have the fondest memories listening to records with him.” First concert: “My first concert was [KIIS-FM’s] Wango Tango in Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium. It was 1999 and onstage you had Ricky Martin, Britney, Will Smith, 98°, Shaggy and so many others. Talk about a perfect line-up to describe that time in music. I was probably living my best life wearing a crop top and some kind of bedazzled jeans.” First music video I remember: “Waterfalls”, TLC. “I was nine when it came out. When I saw that song come to life in their music video, I was struck. I grew up glued to MTV, and I remember that absolutely broke me.” First record I purchased or downloaded: “My first purchase was on tape: It was Ini Kamoze, ‘Here Comes the Hotstepper', and I used to blast that thing in my boombox on repeat, over and over—side A, side B, side A, side B. I’m sure my parents loved it.” Go-to karaoke song: Snoop Dogg, “Gin and Juice” Five songs that get me through the day: 1. Lizzo, “Juice” 2. Sofi Tukker, “Best Friend” 3. Dizzee Rascal feat. Calvin Harris & Chrome, “Dance Wiv Me” 4. Cardi B, “Up” 5. Justin Bieber, “Lonely”