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Australian rap quartet Triple One defies expectations. They pull influences from all sorts of styles―like upbeat pop, rock, punk and R&B―to create memorable anthems like 2019’s “Butter”, which deals with complicated mental health struggles. On the track, Lil Dijon, Marty Bugatti and Obi III Terrors’ dark, introspective rhymes are balanced out by Billy Gunns’ cathartic hook and thumping trap beats. Much of 2020’s Panic Force, Triple One’s sophomore album, which tackles such heavy topics as depression, drug abuse and relationship problems with the rawest of honesty, similarly tempers the highs with the lows. “Sunshine”, for example, juxtaposes a sample from The Dixie Nightingales’ spiritual soul classic “All I Need Is Some Sunshine In My Life” against Lil Dijon’s downcast lyrics about drug dealing. “It's kind of like The Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’,” Gunns told Apple Music. “Kids run around singing it, but it's about cocaine.”