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About Sueño Latino

One of summer 1989's most popular dance singles, the self-titled "Sueño Latino" swept across Europe, scaling the British charts before later being remixed in 1992 and 2001 by Derrick May and Bushwacka!, respectively. The original version of "Sueño Latino" is essentially an updated version of Manuel Göttsching's E2-E4, originally released in 1984 and often cited as one of the most influential electronic music productions ever. "Sueño Latino" adds some sensual vocals by Carolina Damas to E2-E4, along with some other subtle but novel elements that transformed Göttsching's hour-long, listener-orientated piece into a sexy dancefloor anthem perfect for all-night Balearic summer beach parties. The Italian DFC label released the track, along with several remixes. Several other European labels such as BCM licensed the track, and it soon became an international hit.

Though the original mixes never lost their appeal among DJs, particularly those in the Latin house scene, revived interest in "Sueño Latino" began initially in 1992 when Detroit techno producers Derrick May and Carl Craig remixed the track. This 12" became nearly as widespread as the original, appearing on numerous mix CDs throughout the '90s. Then, after DFC re-released the track in 1997, Bushwacka! remixed "Sueño Latino" for the Distinctive Breaks label in 2001, giving it a contemporary feel and resulting in yet more revived interest in the seemingly timeless track.

Though "Sueño Latino" retained its popularity and legacy over the years, the Italian producers responsible for the original version never attained much recognition. The collective retained the Sueño Latino moniker despite its interchangeable membership and released a few singles throughout the mid- to late '90s: "Viciosa," "Noche Diva," and "El Tigre." None were particularly noteworthy and few DJs or consumers took notice. ~ Jason Birchmeier