Spiral Dance

About Spiral Dance

Australian Celtic folk-rock group Spiral Dance was co-founded by vocalist Adrienne Piggott and guitarist Nick Carter in Australia in 1992. Inspired by both the music and myths of Celtic lands, the group would later go on to include Ingrid Hapke (violin, vocals), David Bentley (bass guitar), Paul Gooding (accordion, keyboards), and Rick Kearsley (percussion). Though the group's first official performance was at the South Australian Folk Festival in 1993, their first album, Woman of the Earth, was not released until 1996. Their follow-up, Over the Nine Waves, was released the following year. The group made plans to tour the United States in 1999 after the debut of their third album, Magick, but could not raise the money and instead opted for a tour of their native Australia. Additional tours and festival appearances continued until 2002, when the band released its forth studio album, Notes of Being. The following year, the group was finally able to play a series of shows in the United States. After taking a year off from touring and recording in 2004, Spiral Dance played a joint concert with Inkubus Sukkubus, leading to an invitation to join the group for shows in Europe. After returning to the studio for the 2006 release, The Quickening, the group made its first live recording, Worts 'n' All, which debuted in 2007. Spiral Dance made plans to release another studio album in 2008. ~ Katherine Fulton

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