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U.K. rapper slowthai delivers raw, emotionally direct lyrics which address the struggles and concerns of British youth. His brash flow and hyperactive stage persona are equally influenced by grime and punk rock, and while his tough, fearless lyrics exude compassion and vitriol, he neither shies away from expressing vulnerability nor is he devoid of humor or playfulness. He began receiving significant press coverage around the time releases such as the single "T N Biscuits" and EP RUNT appeared in 2018.

Tyron Frampton was born in Northampton, and he earned his nickname due to his slow, slurred speech. He grew up listening to several styles of music, such as indie, garage, and jungle, and began freestyle rapping in his early teens. He first made an impact with "Jiggle," a single which appeared in early 2016. While slowthai later stated that he made the song as a joke, it kickstarted his career. The 2017 single "Murder" directly preceded debut EP I Wish I Knew. That year, he also made an appearance on JD. Reid's Calibrate EP with the track "Interior," which also featured 808ink and Oscar #Worldpeace. 2018 brought several singles accompanied by provocative, horror-influenced music videos, including "Polaroid" and "North Nights," as well as the RUNT EP on Method Records. ~ Paul Simpson

Northampton, England

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