About Skegss

Garage rock trio Skegss formed in 2013 in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. Childhood friends Jonny Lani (drums) and Ben Reed (vocals & guitar) reconnected and began playing local shows as a duo before Noa Deane joined on guitar and Toby Cregan on bass. In 2014 the quartet released their first singles, "L.S.D." and "Rock 'n' Roll Radio," but by the following year, Deane decided to leave the band in favor of his surfing career. The remaining members went on as a trio and were signed to Dune Rats' Ratbag Records in 2015. The label released their debut EP, 50 Push Ups for a Dollar, that same year, and the band later accused hip-hop artists Reese and Lil Yachty of ripping off the cover art for their "Do It" collaboration.

After signing to Ratbag, the trio embarked on a tour with Dune Rats, and in 2016 put out the seven-track EP Everyone Is Good at Something. Rather than working toward a full-length album, Skegss continued with the extended-play format and released the Holiday Food EP in 2017. The five-track collection included the single "Got on My Skateboard," for which they filmed an accompanying video featuring the comedian Aaron Gocs. The band continued their prolific output in 2018 with the release of the single "Up in the Clouds" and set out on an Australian headlining tour. A single, "Save It for the Weekend," arrived in October 2019.

    Byron Bay, Australia

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