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About Pedro Suárez Vértiz

Peruvian rock singer inspired at a very young age by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Pedro Suárez-Vértiz used to write complex reflections about life and family since he was a kid. Suarez-Vertiz graduated in communication sciences at the Lima University; his writing skills along with his passion for rock drove him to choose a music career. Paranoia was his first band. The real deal came with Arena Hash, a second and more experienced group of musicians who recorded two albums Arena Hash and El Rey de Ah Ah Ah. In 1993, Pedro Suárez-Vértiz decided to go on his own making his first solo record No Existen Técnicas Para Olvidar. In 1996, a second effort was called Póntelo en la Lengua followed by 1999's Degeneración Actual. ~ Drago Bonacich

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