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A perfect inclusion in the skewed electro lineup of Oakland's Tigerbeat6 label, Numbers thrash the dancefloor by tangling the limbs of new wave, no wave, punk, disco, garage, and synth-pop.The San Francisco trio was formed in 2000 by vocalist and drummer Indra Dunis and two ex-Xerobot members: guitarist Dave Broekema and keyboardist Eric Landmark. The group's debut, Numbers Life, released on Tigerbeat6 in June of 2002, presents a band that's directly descended from Gang of Four and most closely related to labelmates Erase Errata and the U.K.'s Clinic. Later in 2002, Numbers added to their catalog with a track on the Toyo 20 Seconds compilation, a split 7" with Lowdown called Nurses Help!, a split 3" CD with Erase Errata, and a track on The Beat Goes Off compilation, included with the June issue of The Wire. In 2003, the group released volumes 1 and 2 of the Death Remixes, as well as the Ee-Uh! EP. Their second album, In My Mind All the Time, arrived in 2004, and the group moved to Kill Rock Stars for the follow-up, 2005's We're Animals and 2007's Now You Are This ~ Charles Spano


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