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About Mystick Journeymen

Founders of the East Oakland underground collective Living Legends, PSC and BFAP formed as Mystik Journeymen in 1992. Southern Californian PSC hooked up with BFAP in Oakland while visiting a girlfriend, and later moved to join the group (at the time, it included a few other rappers who later drifted away). The pair became local legends by 1994, throwing parties (Underground Surivivors) and selling mixtapes. One year later, the Grouch began contributing and, after hitting the road doing shows as far away as Europe, Mystik Journeymen formed the Living Legends crew with new recruits including 3 Melancholy Gypsys (aka Murs, Eligh, and Scarub), Moonrocks (aka Bicasso and Nebulus), Aesop, and Arata. The duo's label, LLCrew, had begun releasing records by 1995, and Mystik Journeymen released a parade of LPs during the next few years, highlighted by 1995's 4001: The Stolen Legacy and 1996's Pressed 4 Time. (They'd also expanded their touring base to include the Far East and Australia.) By 1999, the crew had moved from the Bay Area to Los Angeles and with The Black Sands ov Eternia, began releasing records through Outhouse/Revenge. In 2002 Mystik Journeymen finally released a glimpse of their justly praised concert show with the LP Living Legends: Live, and their ninth album, Magic, followed late that year.

Oakland, CA