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The UK ambient group Marconi Union has relaxing music down to a science—literally. Their 2011 track “Weightless” was proven to reduce stress by the British Academy of Sound Therapy.

• Founding members Jamie Crossley and Richard Talbot met in the early 2000s at a Manchester record shop where both worked.
• They released their debut album, Under Wires and Searchlights, in 2003.
• Keyboardist Duncan Meadows officially joined Marconi Union in 2010.
• The band partnered with British Academy of Sound Therapy in 2011 to create the tranquil and soothing “Weightless”. The academy found that listening to “Weightless” could reduce stress by up to 65%.
• Marconi Union expanded “Weightless” into a full-length album, 2012’s Weightless (Ambient Transmission Vol. 2 .
• In 2013, the group teamed up with post-punk bassist Jah Wobble, best known for his work in Public Image Ltd, for the album Anomic.

    Manchester, England

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