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Mamer is a Kazak-language contemporary folk singer/songwriter from China who made his international album debut in 2009. Though he later moved to Beijing, Mamer is originally from Xinjiang, a far-flung province in western China, where he learned to play the dombra, an instrument native to the region, and where he learned a great deal about the folklore and folk songs of the region. In Beijing he was part of the band IZ, which performed Kazak-language songs in a traditional style. Between 2006 and 2007, Mamer collaborated with Robin Haller and Matteo Scumaci on his international solo album debut, Eagle, which was released on the British label Real World Records in 2009. The album garnered notice for its Kazak-language vocals and contemporary folk style. Guest appearances on the album include Béla Fleck, who is featured on "Celebration." ~ Jason Birchmeier

Xinjiang, Western China

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