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About LazyTown

Originally a live-action stage play, LazyTown became a hit Iceland based children's television show which made its American debut on cable television station Nick Jr. Created by Magnus Scheving -- who also stars on the show -- LazyTown was essentially a vehicle to promote healthy activity in kids. Ten years on from its stage debut, LazyTown began a second season in the U. S., and there were plans for a third in 2007. The show continued to be a live spectacle even after the huge television success, and toured the UK in 2007 and 2008. The music on the show was popular enough to warrant a number of albums in different countries, with the United Kingdom releasing two albums -- LazyTown and LazyTown the New Album -- as well as scoring a top five single with "Bing Bang (Time to Dance)" in 2006. A toy line, from Fisher Price was also launched, and the show was also featured in book and magazine forms. In addition to the print and audio media blitz, videos of LazyTown were released many times over in many countries. ~ Chris True

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