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About Lax'n'Busto

One of the leading bands of the Catalan rock scene, Lax 'n' Busto enjoyed a fruitful recording career and a loyal fan base, especially in Spain, particularly Barcelona, where the band resides. Formed in 1986 in El Vendrell, a tourist town along the Mediterranean coast in Catalonia, Lax 'n' Busto made their recording debut in 1989 with Vas de Punt?...o Què!!! A recording contract with DiscMedi resulted, thus initiating a series of album releases for the label: Lax 'n' Busto (1991), Qui Ets Tu? (1993), La Caixa Que Puja i Baixa (1995), A l'Auditori (1996), Sí (1998), Llença't (2000), and Morfina (2003). In 2004 Lax 'n' Busto resurfaced on the label Música Global, which at the end of the year released the live CD/DVD Amb Tu, a document of the band's tour earlier in the year. DiscMedia countered the release of Amb Tu with Grans Èxits (2005), a double-disc greatest-hits collection. Throughout 2004 and 2005, Lax 'n' Busto primarily toured, and in 2006 they continued doing so, though to a lesser extent. On October 20, 2006, vocalist Pemi Fortuny announced his departure from the band, whose other members include guitarists Pemi Rovirosa and Cristian G. Montenegro, bassist Jesús Rovira, drummer Jimmy Piñol, and pianist/keyboardist Eduard Font. Vocalist Salva Racero joined Lax 'n' Busto after the departure of Fortuny, and the band then went about recording its first new studio album in several years, Relax (2007). Released by Música Global and led by the single "Perdut," Relax marked the return of Lax 'n' Busto to higher reaches of the Spanish album chart.

El Vendrell, Catalonia, Spain