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Lambretta was a Swedish pop/rock band who scored a handful of European hits in the late '90s and early 2000s. They formed in Skaraborg in 1993 as the trio of Anders Eliasson (guitar), Petter Lantz (bass), and Tomas Persic (drums); lead singer Linda Sundblad, for whom they are best remembered, didn't join until several years later, taking over from Eliasson on vocals after being recommended for the job by her father, a record store owner. Their 1999 debut LP, Breakfast, spawned a sizable radio hit with the poppy "Blow My Fuses," the video for which they were awarded a Swedish Grammy. Though they had previously composed all of their own material, their self-titled second album included several songs written for them by famed hitmaker Max Martin, among them "Creep" and "Bimbo," which became their largest hit, spending eight weeks in the Swedish Top Ten. These songs, and the album in general, had a markedly harder, metal-tinged sound than their debut, prefiguring the rockier style that would characterize Martin's later productions for Kelly Clarkson ("Since You Been Gone"), the Veronicas, and Marion Raven, among others. 2004's The Fight was their hardest-rocking, most aggressive album yet, but despite Martin's repeat involvement with several tracks (including the single "Kill Me"), it wasn't quite as successful, and it proved to be their last. After the band broke up in 2005, Petter Lantz and Marcus Nowak (who had replaced Persic on drums for the final album) formed Psych Onation with a new female vocalist, Vilaivon Hagman, while Sundblad launched an auspicious solo career with the '80s-influenced dance-pop of Oh My God. ~ K. Ross Hoffman