Kaidi Tatham

About Kaidi Tatham

Kaidi Tatham is a highly accomplished and prolific producer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter widely regarded as one of the architects of the U.K.'s broken beat scene. He's helmed dozens of projects and appeared in the credits of hundreds of releases since the 1990s, blending and switching between styles such as jazz fusion, house, hip-hop, neo-soul, and much more. His music typically features complex yet danceable syncopated rhythms and fluid arrangements, showcasing his virtuosic prowess on the keyboards, flute, drums, and other instruments. Tatham has been a major part of the groundbreaking Bugz in the Attic collective as well as several acts on the 2000 Black label, frequently collaborating with its founder, Dego of 4Hero. His solo discography includes albums and singles as Agent K, Shokazulu, and under his own name, including the 2021 full-length An Insight to All Minds.

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