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About Jeff Talmadge

Jeff Talmadge is a multi-talented folk-rock musician who is also an associate baseball scout for a major league baseball team, a Capitol Hill spin doctor, a practicing lawyer, and an award-winning poet. Quite the overachiever, this singer/songwriter is also a romantic lyricist with an insightful wit. His blend of fresh lyrical imagery about ever-changing love and a passion for performing live has lead to a dedicated following in his native Texas. Talmadge released his debut album, Secret Anniversaries, in 1999, which earned a number 16 spot on the Crossroads folk playlist that same year. The Spinning of the World followed a year later to raving reviews and earned Talmadge a finalist spot in 1999's KRCL Songwriting Competition at the Founder's Title Folk and Bluegrass Festival in Park City, Utah. Aside from music, Talmadge is a member of the U.S. Folk Alliance and a founder of The Austin Conspiracy of Performing Songwriters. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

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