Jeff Duff

About Jeff Duff

USA born Duff (aka Duffo) possesses an excellent tenor voice which seems more suited to opera, but Duff has succeeded in recording in the rock medium. As lead singer of the Chicago / Blood, Sweat And Tears -influenced big band Kush (1971-77), Duff secured plenty of attention with his antics and bizarre choice of costume. The band, limited by its size, could only work the large venues and cabarets, and despite the huge effort to maintain the band, managed to record two albums and have two Top 40 singles. Upon its demise, Duff formed his own group and toured with a lively and varied show, which failed to relate to confused, conservative audiences. Duff moved to the UK in 1978 where he recorded and performed as Duffo, releasing several albums, touring Europe and having sporadic chart success in Holland and Italy. He also recorded under the names Ivor Biggin and Jupiter Jones. It was somewhat surprising to see him return to Australia to indifferent audiences in 1988, when he performed as a jazz singer with his Jeff Duff Orchestra, an experimental outfit. His signature song remains Lou Reed’s ‘Walk On The Wild Side’, which he has recorded at least three times. The Jeff Duff Orchestra album featured some reworking of older material, ‘Pilot’ and the excellent ‘Killing This Affair’.

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