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About Emerson Snowe

Emerson Snowe is the alias and solo moniker of Australian musician Jarrod Mahon. Hailing from Brisbane, Queensland, Mahon made his appearance on the scene as guitarist for pop rock outfit the Creases in 2013. Throughout the 2010s, he put out his own material; a sonic departure from his mainstay project, his melancholy, atmospheric, and romantic songs can be heard on releases such as the 2012 EPs Vivid and Thoughts, Pt. 1.

Mahon began writing his own songs during his teens and began to release his work between records from the Creases. After putting out the Vivid EP in 2012, Mahon went on to perform alongside the likes of King Krule and Ariel Pink, as well as a number of headline shows of his own in London. The following years saw the release of several more songs, including "Hellhole Ratrace" and "Bella Rose" in 2013. He kept busy recording and touring with the Creases, and in 2017 Mahon signed as Emerson Snowe with Liberation Records and made his label debut with the track "Could You Love Me?" Two more singles — "If I Die, Then I Die" and "Sunlight" — followed later that year.

Brisbane, Australia