Car Seat Headrest
Car Seat Headrest

Car Seat Headrest

About Car Seat Headrest

While attending junior high school in Leesburg, Virginia, Will Toledo played in the student symphony band and developed an interest in music theory.

∙ Toledo was so self-conscious about his early lo-fi home recordings that he self-released them with such disclaimers as “not very good” and “just awful s**t.”
∙ He came up with the name Car Seat Headrest after realizing that he preferred to record vocals in his car rather than in his home studio.
∙ Before signing a record deal, Toledo self-released a dozen albums online.
∙ For 2020’s Making a Door Less Open, Toledo unveiled his alternate persona, Trait, whose face was hidden behind a gas mask with blinking LED lights in the eyeholes.

    Leesburg, VA

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