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Antagonist A.D. are a justice-minded hardcore band from Auckland, New Zealand. The group's brutal, metallic sound features lyrics about issues such as veganism and women's rights. Since making their debut in 2005, they've built up a fan base through worldwide touring, sharing stages throughout Asia, the Pacific Islands, Europe, and North America with bands like Parkway Drive, the Ghost Inside, and Emmure. They've released four albums, including 2015's Haunt Me as I Roam, and recorded a series of EPs with Converge's Kurt Ballou, including 2021's All Things.
The band was founded in 2005 as simply Antagonist, consisting of vocalist Sam Crocker, bassist Joshua Moffitt, drummer Brendon Wishnowsky, and guitarist Sean Connelly. The group's lineup switched before the end of 2005 (with Wishnowsky and Connelly being replaced by guitarists Kris Bosman and Ross McDougall and drummer Israel McDean), and their debut album, These Cities, Our Graves, was released on Elevenfiftyseven Records in 2006, with the same label issuing the Distance EP the following year. The group began touring Australia, and were signed by Melbourne-based Trial & Error Records, which re-released the band's debut album with two additional tracks. The group added A.D. to their name in 2008, in order to avoid confusion with a similarly named American band, and their second album, We Are the Dead, was released in the same year.
Antagonist A.D. toured Southeast Asia in 2009; subsequently, McDougall left the band. They toured Europe in 2010, and guitarist Matthew Livingstone joined the group during the recording of their first 7" EP, Old Bones Make New Blooms, which was released in early 2011. Third album Nothing from No One surfaced on Mediaskare Records in 2012, with Luke Manson now joining the band on guitar and bass player Milon Williams temporarily replacing Moffitt, who had moved to Japan. Antagonist A.D. continued touring the world, and UNFD/Lifeforce released Haunt Me as I Roam, the group's most cathartic, introspective album yet, in 2015.
By 2018, the band's lineup included drummer Jai Morrow and guitarist Kevin Cameron, while Manson had switched from guitar to bass. They began recording with Converge's Kurt Ballou, and an EP titled Through Fire appeared on Greyscale Records in early 2020. This was followed in 2021 by All Things, the second part of a trilogy. ~ Paul Simpson

    Auckland, New Zealand

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