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About AJ Tracey

West London grime MC Che Wolton Grant (aka AJ Tracey) rose through the ranks of pirate radio, becoming one of the leading figures in U.K. grime's second generation of artists. Grant knew from a young age that he wanted to pursue a career in music, due in part to his parents; not only was his dad a former rapper from Trinidad & Tobago, his mother was a former drum'n'bass DJ from Wales. By age six, Grant had started writing rhymes, coinciding with the first great boom in grime. Although the genre temporarily lost its way, Grant soldiered on, unwilling to give up on his passion for grime. By the time he had reached his early twenties, grime had started another upswing. During this time Grant became proactive in his pursuit of radio spots, working his way up through pirate radio before scoring appearances on Rinse.DM, NTS, and eventually even BBC Radio One. With his reputation in the world of radio firmly cemented, Grant released a string of EPs, beginning with The Front EP in July 2015, followed by the Alex Moran EP later the same year. In 2016, he further solidified his status as an emerging talent, with a combination of solid collaborations, more radio appearances, and the release of the Lil Tracey EP. The end of 2016 culminated with Grant's nomination on BBC's Sound of 2017. ~ Liam Martin

West London, England

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