I Love You

I Love You

Eight years after forming in high school, Aussie quartet Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers confront the pitfalls of early-twenties life on their punchy debut album. Opener “I Used to Be Fun” even borrows the “I guess this is growing up” line from blink-182’s “Dammit”, tucked into a jaunty tale about being stranded from the action without a car. Produced by Holy Holy’s Oscar Dawson, I Love You continues the band’s steady evolution from abrasive punk to more melodic alt-rock, boasting an even broader reach than 2022’s ultra-catchy Pretty Good for a Girl Band EP. But there’s still plenty of spikiness here, including the shout-along “I Don’t Want It” and the hardcore-influenced interlude “Cayenne Pepper”. Guitarist Anna Ryan’s lead vocals are bigger and bolder than ever, especially when flanked by group vocals on the optimistic title track and the Grogans collab “Salt”. There’s a strong sense of dynamics at play, too; all that rowdiness falls away to reveal the wide-open heart of the ballad “Your House My House”, unfolding with just vocals and an unguarded guitar strum.

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