Editors' Notes Setting the words of 17th-century poet and theologian Thomas Traherne, Gavin Bryars’ exceptionally beautiful The Fifth Century is scored for choir and saxophone quartet. It’s infused with a calm spirituality as textures and melodies slowly unfurl and choir and saxophones blend into a beautiful, homogenous ensemble. Traherne’s words intimately explore his relationship with God and the wonders of creation, and they take on a timelessness in Bryars' hands—the glorious fourth movement, “Eternity Is a Mysterious Absence of Times and Ages,” seems to tame time itself as it soars, suspended in midair. The singing, playing, and recorded quality are mesmerising.

The Fifth Century
The Fifth Century: I. We See the Heavens with Our Eyes
The Fifth Century: II. As Sure As There Is a Space Infinite
The Fifth Century: III. Infinity of Space Is Like a Painter's Table
The Fifth Century: IV. Eternity Is a Mysterious Absence of Times and Ages
The Fifth Century: V. Eternity Magnifies Our Joys Exceedingly
The Fifth Century: VI. His Omnipresence Is Our Field of Joys
The Fifth Century: VII. Our Bridegroom and Our King Being Everywhere
Two Love Songs
Two Love Songs: No. 1, Io amai sempre
Two Love Songs: No. 2, Solo et pensoso

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