Sara Paxton

About Sara Paxton

Actress Sara Paxton got an early start in her chosen line of work, appearing in commercials as a young child and landing her first movie role in Liar Liar at age eight. She spent her childhood and teens juggling school and her blossoming film and TV careers. A regular on the sitcom Greetings from Tucson, she also made appearances on CSI, Spongebob Squarepants, Lizzie McGuire, and Malcolm in the Middle before landing the title role of Darcy's Wild Life, a nature/comedy series on NBC's "Discovery Kids" block of Saturday morning programming. She also made an extended guest appearance on the prime-time drama Summerland. Paxton's film work includes Sleepover and Aquamarine, a comedy about mermaids that also featured Julia Roberts' niece, Emma Roberts. ~ Heather Phares