About Snapcase

Buffalo, NY-based progressive emocore quintet Snapcase were originally comprised of vocalist Daryl Taberski, guitarists Scott Dressler and Jon Salemi, bassist Bob Whiteside, and drummer Tim Redmond. After earning an enthusiastic fan base among the hardcore community's revived straight-edge scene, the group signed to the Victory label and debuted in early 1995 with Lookinglasself; their follow-up EP, Steps, appeared later that same year. In 1997, Snapcase issued their next LP, Progression Through Unlearning; the band's third full-length, Designs for Automotion, followed in early 2000. Producer Brian McTernan lent his touch on 2002's End Transmission, a kind of concept album about a futuristic society; Snapcase then spent two months touring with the similar-minded Boy Sets Fire following the record's release. A diverse mix of covers, remixes, and songs left over from End Transmission surfaced the next year on Bright Flashes. Two years later -- and after 14 years as a band -- Snapcase threw in the towel. By this time, founding members Taberski and Salemi had been rounded out along the way by guitarist Frank Vicario, bassist Dustin Perry, and drummer Ben Lythberg. The influential hardcore outfit performed its final show at Buffalo's Sphere on January 22, 2005. ~ Jason Ankeny

    Buffalo, NY

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