About Philanthrope

German producer Philanthrope created a SoundCloud account purely to connect with other lo-fi enthusiasts, but he soon established himself as one of the subgenre’s most influential creators.

• He discovered hip-hop in primary school when a friend’s cousin introduced him to German rap. He then got into sample-based hip-hop and jazz, which later influenced his production style.
• His first year of college marked the beginning of his career. He began reworking ’90s rap beats but soon transitioned to producing beats that he described as “listening to music in an aquarium.”
• Philanthrope created a SoundCloud to share lo-fi beats with fellow fans. His 2015 Quintessenz und ihre Nuancen caught the attention of Bas van Leeuwen, who invited him to be the head of A&R at Chillhop Music.
• Through Chillhop, Philanthrope has released two solo albums. His 2017 LP Clockwork was praised for its clever amalgamation of jazz, hip-hop, and soul; his feature-heavy 2020 effort Cabin in the Woods was a testament to his versatility as a collaborative producer.

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