About Midnight

An Ohio black metal outfit helmed by frontman Jamie Walters (aka Athenar), whose former group, Boulder, had been an integral part of Cleveland's metal and punk scenes, Midnight achieved cult status in 2003 with their punishing debut EP. Uncompromising in both attitude and style (punk, thrash, speed, and death metal also play into the mix), the band waded into the extreme metal mainstream in the 2010s, eventually inking a deal with Metal Blade ahead of the release of 2020's Rebirth by Blasphemy.

Initially formed as a side project of Boulder, Walters debuted Midnight in 2003 with the Funeral Bell EP, and spent the next eight years doling out small-run singles, splits, and other D.I.Y. rarities before delivering a proper full-length release in 2011's Satanic Royalty. With this album, Midnight established themselves beyond mere cultdom, earning a more widespread following and setting the table for their 2014 follow-up, No Mercy for Mayhem. In between their major releases, Walters continued to issue new and archived material in a variety of other formats including a 2015 split 7" with Shitfucker and the 2016 EP Shox of Violence, further branding his style of metal as "lust, filth, and sleaze." A third proper full-length, Sweet Death & Ecstasy, appeared in 2017, and in 2019 the band signed with genre behemoth Metal Blade. Rebirth by Blasphemy, their first outing for the label, arrived the following year. ~ Timothy Monger

    Cleveland, OH

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