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Spanish child pop star María Isabel was born María Isabel López Rodriguez in Andalusia, Spain, in 1995, and took an immediate interest in both singing and dancing. In 2004, María Isabel won the 2004 Junior Eurovision Song Contest (after having won the Spanish one) with "Antes Muerta Que Sentilla," a track that was also included in her 2005 debut album, No Me Toques las Palmas Que Me Conozco. The album did well enough in Spain to be released in Latin America, where it also found a fair amount of success. Isabel's sophomore full-length, Numero 2, followed that same year. In 2006, she released her third record, Capricornio, in the form a double-disc set that included a DVD, which featured her music videos and various extras. The next year Isabel was cast and starred in a feature length film, Ángeles S.A., and also performed the entire soundtrack. Both the film and soundtrack were hugely popular in her native Spain, where the CD reached number one in the chart and eventually went Platinum.

    Ayamonte, Spain
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