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Lemon D is the most often used recording name of South London jungle producer Kevin King. The man behind the Planet Earth label as well a number of 12-inches for Metalheadz, Prototype, V Recordings, and Epic, King's reputation as a strong, economical producer of dancefloor drum'n'bass has risen steadily since his work began appearing in the early '90s. His soulful tracks maintain a distinct jazz feel without resorting to excessive sampling, and while his drum programming lay on the more pedestrian side of jungle's manic polyrhythms, his production skills make them more than listenable. King's career got a boost in 1993 when he hooked up with the Metalheadz stable, leading to engineering work with J. Majik and Dillinja and, eventually, a few releases of his own on the influential label. His curious pseudonym is an oblique reference to his label's (Lemon D/Le Monde, French for "the world"), and has graced remix productions for Art of Noise. In 1997, King inked a long-term contract with Belgian techno label R&S and co-founded the Valve label with Dillinja, to release the pair's harder, more relentless material. ~ Sean Cooper


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