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About El Otro Yo

Argentinean alternative pop/rock foursome El Otro Yo got involved in the local scene in the early '90s, making its debut with a demo tape called Los Hijos de Alien, followed by Traka-Traka. In 1995, original drummer Omar Kischinovsky decided to leave, being replaced by Raymundo Fajardo. That same year, Mundo was released. In addition, the band participated in a tribute album to Sumo, playing its main title. In 1996, El Otro Yo's Los Hijos de Alien was mastered for compact disc, featuring an extra track called "Lo De Adentro," dedicated to Kurt Cobain. After issuing 1997's Esencia and 1999's Abrecaminos, keyboardist Ezequiel Araujo joined in. Soon the group founded its own label, Besotico Records, releasing 2000's Contagiandose la Energía de Otro. ~ Drago Bonacich

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