In 2020, JYP Entertainment boy band and leaders in fourth-generation K-pop Stray Kids dropped “God’s Menu”, an exemplar of their explosive trap-pop, ornamented with baritone Felix’s delivery of a line in the second verse: “Cooking like a chef/I’m a five-star Michelin.” The theme of expertly blending ingredients has continued to their 2023 full-length 5-STAR. It’s a high-end collection of flavours including electronic rap-pop (“Hall of Fame”) and heavy-hitting hip-hop indebted to Eminem and Nicki Minaj in equal measure (“ITEM”). There’s also dance detours (“DLC”), brassy ballads (“Collision”), pop-rock with an opening riff that recalls Lustra’s “Scotty Doesn’t Know” (“Mixtape : Time Out”, inspired by a vacation the group took in Gangwon Province). And for all the variety, there’s just one collab, the retro-rap “TOPLINE” with Korean hip-hop progenitor Tiger JK of the group Drunken Tiger. Cohesion is in the concept: Across 12 tracks, Stray Kids find confidence in themselves and their fans, a sonic celebration of acknowledging the bad to get to the good. To celebrate the album’s release, we asked the group to reveal some fun facts about themselves. Enjoy! Five Facts You Didn’t Know About Stray Kids 1. Which release has your favourite choreography—or what is your favourite song to perform on stage? HAN: “God’s Menu”. I.N: “Domino”. Lee Know: “God’s Menu”, “Domino”! Felix: “Maniac”. Hyunjin: “Thunderous”. Seungmin: “S-Class”. Changbin: “MIROH”. 2. What is your favourite song on the album 5-STAR and why? HAN: “DLC”. Bang Chan: What’s the reason? HAN: “DLC”’s top-line is good. Changbin: “ITEM”, because I like the diction. 3. What is something that you would like to change or something you wish would never change? HAN: Age. Bang Chan: Hmm…let’s see.… Time! Bang Chan: Um…something I’d like to change... Changbin: It would be nice if I could keep my muscles, even if I stopped working out. Bang Chan: One thing I wish will never change is the friendship among us Stray Kids! 4. If you could listen to just one Stray Kids song for the rest of your life, what would it be? Lee Know: “The Tortoise and the Hare”. Bang Chan: Really? Okay! I.N: “Grow Up”. Bang Chan: I.N, you’re doing fine! HAN: “Side Effects”. Changbin: “Youtiful”. Felix: I’m going with “S-Class”. What are your pre/post concert rituals? HAN: “Fighting!” Lee Know: “Fighting!” before hitting the stage. Hyunjin: Stretching! Felix: “Fighting!” Stretching! Changbin: Tying my shoelaces. Seungmin: Having a nice dinner. Bang Chan: Yes, because we get really really hungry.

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