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4.9 out of 5
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38 Ratings

PopMusicBoy ,

A Stellar Underrated Album

This is possibly one of my all-time favorite albums. Anggun is an Indonesian singer who scored a top 20 hit on the Adult Top 40 chart with Snow on the Sahara. Other than that, she hasn't had any success in the U.S. except for being part of the Lilith Fair Tour. This album however is a true pop gem filled with amazing pop and AC songs with a touch of her Indonesian roots. The album also includes an amazing rendition of David Bowie's Life on Mars. Check this album out!

J-Smed ,

Potential for Greatness

Anggun is a rare woman of the multicultural music industry. Hailing from Indonesia, she fluently speaks her native language, French, and English, as proved by her musical diversity. As a pop-star in France as well as other European countries, Anggun is slowly breaking into America. What does it take to make it big here? People are under the impression, unfortunately, that only poppy pieces will become successful.

However, I think Anggun has too much talent to waste it in such an overpopulated pop industry. With such an exotic voice, she literally takes my breath away. Her songs, though slightly predicatable in some cases, are spine-tingling; the power of her vocals gives me shivers, especially when you can relate to her lyrics.

But with so much to offer, some songs prove disappointing with their familiar rythms. Already we've heard to ever-popular pop songs that momentarily capture audiences before the forgettably flutter into the past. Anggun has such great potential for more. If you have an ear for French, perhaps sample some of her later albums already in stores. And if you have an ear for passion? Purchase this. Somewhere in her voice echoes a profundity that blows listeners away.

Elva ,

Very disappointed that all songs are "album only"

I have this CD and it was damaged. The only song affected was Snow on the Sahara, and I've been looking to replace this one song for the longest time. Unfortunately, it appears that I cannot just purchase the one song I need from iTunes. Wasn't that the whole point of iTunes in the beginning? Whatever happened to "just buy the songs you want?"

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