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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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29 Ratings

aeiojo3hrh1 ,

Lecrae Is OK

He says A & R people.

kids on the block ,


First of all, Lecrea doesn't curse in the song. Check the lyrics on Rap Genius. He is clearly promoting a worldview of enjoying nature and living life to the fullest and not wasting your time. Which is something, that christian or not, we need to embrace.

But I would like for you to sit back and think for a moment. What if his did curse once or twice. Would it matter? Would it change the impact of his message?

Language has been created and crafted through the centuries. Words are just that. Words. Each is beautiful and appropriate in their own context. Even curse words can be appropriate in there correct context.

So what if Lecrea cursed? I for one would be kind of proud. It would not only continue show that he is all the more emotionally invested in his message, but it could also help to bridge the gap Christians and non-christians, and help his message get out to a wider audience. And isn't that what christians should want? Al people of every nation to come to christ? Not all Christian music is supposed to be specifically tailored for christians. If Lecrea has had any purpose it has been to get the gospel out there.

Now let us look at the downsides. Would he lose a particularly conservative law-abiding fan base? Probably.

Do I expect him to curse in the near future? Not really.

I just want christians to think about the power of curse words when put in their proper context and applied correctly.

Candyf77 ,


This song's dedicated to all the kind of Gs that seem miseducated
A young Malcolm Red got up out of his prison bed
Said "I'ma leave a mark on this world when I'm dead"
X marks the spot
A lot of clowns get shot
But they living for nothing when he died for a lot
From the blocks to the prison
Many have risen and lead
But I can't get a job cause they be testing my peace
Man, I keep it real I got tired of calling in sick
Waiting for an A&R to come and find me in the sticks
Ain't had the money for school, so I applied for scholarships
From black and Indian roots, it's amazing what you get
Was I wonderfully crafted to piss and pay taxes
Made a reflective master and lay on the mad tricks, get up, get out
Get something man, cultivate a creation
Don't blame it on your lack of education
Go to church, go to school, Walk the earth, watch the news
Type a person that hates what he learns called a fool
Type a person that don't want to work called skinny
Type of person that learns and applies I call winning
You were wired to be hungry for more than what you currently are
But you spoiled your appetite on these mediocre bars
Mediocre stars is all they shooting for
It's a wonder why we rarely get far

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