8 Songs, 24 Minutes


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6 Ratings

6 Ratings

ThisIsNice4689 ,

Totally Digging This

Totally digging the vibe of this. This will be on repeat!

TheGoldenLeelak ,


Today I was going through the new release section, as I always do on Tuesdays. Apple can be hit or miss, with who they suggest I "may like", but this one is right on the money. This instrumental is truly silver screen worthy, and honestly... ready. The tones are fantastic, and the sounds are true to the Artist's name. I love that the dynamics are steadily increasing on each track, which is in true Cinema fashion. I've been a slave to the melodic genre for as long as I can remember, so naturally I love that they maintain melody throughout this entire project. 'Chicago' makes me want to visit, and when I do, they've made me feel as though it should be in the heart of Winter, and I want to walk the Chicago streets at night, while it's snowing. A great artist paints pictures, while still leaving enough mystery for the individual to put their own spin on it. Hans Zimmer said it best: "As musicians, we have 11 notes to work with, and it's in those 11 notes that we have to be original, so that we have our own sound, but not so original, so that we're relatable. There's no mention of an individual Artist/Artists for writing credits, but whoever you are, know this.... You are a true talent, and have inspired me to keep my foot on the gas as a musician. I hope to see more work from this group in the near future.


Awesome!)! ,


From start to finish you can’t help become immersed in the worlds that Terre Grande creates.