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4.9 out of 5
57 Ratings

57 Ratings

Fallon Franzen ,


Left me absolutely speechless…Nothing familiar here…Every note and beat is well-thought-out…Not only does his amazing voice become one with your soul,
it becomes an extension of your being. Each song grasps incredible symbolism and raw emotion…his emotions become your own. Juxtaposed to the run-of-the-mill
“music” that floods the charts, Reeve’s album is purely genius…Surely capable of imprinting an eternal impression. While listening to this album, your all-too-familiar stress and
relentless worries are diminished…and you experience an entirely new chill-inducing sensation. Having a background in music myself…I am not easily impressed. I find myself listening to the same music that I have for years…Reeve has established his place among them. I assure you, that you will not be disappointed. I am absolutely in-love with his music.


To me this song in it’s entirety is incredibly symbolic.

In the beginning, the song introduces a sense of perplexity and anguish intertwined with slight undertones of a melancholic nature. Followed by
betrayal shaded by the soft stroke of darkness. The subject not necessarily denoting a specific person, but possibly a situation as a whole? A noteworthy 
importance of truth being that it is in fact,  the ever so fragile foundation of all relationships. Every betrayal imprints it’s relentless claws into our being…
which  in the end, will surely devour us. A concept so simple, but rarely practiced. Turmoil caused by others that unfortunately, does not leave

a single leaf untouched…let alone without any tears…

Rivington ,


Freddy Mercury and John Lennon had a son - my favorite new album in years - spectacular production - every song is amazingbuy the whole album... or just jump right to ..."Intention" is inspired-can't wait to hear it with him and a gospel choir at the Hollywood Bowl ..or...There She Goes..or..."Resurrection" is a masterpiece...or....Happiness...or.....Mad Mad World...AND HE recorded it in his living room and played all the instruments...trust me on this....in a world of political chaos, anger, and confrontations...here is a big bubble of light and imagination from an amazing artist with a beautiful voice.

choosestarlight ,


A stunning assortment of songs. His musicality is obvious in every song and the variety in the tunes makes for never a dull moment. A wonderful album to mellow out to, have a glass a wine with, or read a book by. "CheckMate" and "Think of You" are particular favorites. I was lucky enough to see him live and get a preview of some of these songs and he is the real deal. You can tell how much he loves what he does and it was a real honor to see him in action. He is a truly great performer and I'm so happy to have these songs to play over and over now. Thanks Reeve!

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