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8 Ratings

CAPPA Who? ,

A Word of Warning

I’m not gonna say this will be your new favorite record. I’m not going to assume to know your taste or personal opinion or the situation you happen to be in when you come across these songs. What I can promise is that by the time you finish listening to “Queen of Hearts” you’ll probably wish you were on a beach or in a fast car with someone you adore.

The sheer personality and uniqueness of the record and the delivery that CAPPA submits on songs like “I’m Good” And “Nirvana" will take you on a short journey through nostalgia and innocence just before making you feel invincible with tracks like “Next Ex” and “Mad About U.”

Glimmering production and insightful personal lyrics make this record an easy one to digest. Add to that the vibrant voice of an artist truly able to capture the essence of youthful ambition while simultaneously creating a mature depiction of love and personal strength. No matter where you are in your life, there’s something for you on “Queen of Hearts."

Your life probably won’t improve much listening to these songs, but I’m willing to bet your day will.

Tonyc2016 ,

Love it


rasha0287 ,


This EP from CAPPA is everything I've been waiting for. It's smart, catchy, fun, and clever pop lyrics make it impossible not to sing at the top of your lungs while you dance in your udnerwear in the living room (not that I have... okay, so maybe I did. Once. Or five times) Every song on it is one you will be singing for days, but my favorites are Nirvana and Next Ex... I just can't seem to get enough of them. If you like smart pop music, you need this EP.


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