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DocC ,


If you're a Toto fan, you need no introduction to Steve Porcaro. As a founding member, his sound is an essential component of the softer side of the band. Steve wrote or co-wrote at least one song on Toto, Hydra, Turn Back, IV, and Fahrenheit, and most recently returned to the fold with "The Little Things" on XIV. Ironically, given what a pleasant singing voice he has, Steve sang lead on only four Toto tracks: "Takin' It Back" from the debut (who can forget that opening synth?), the exquisite "It's a Feeling" on IV," "The Little Things," a highlight on XIV, and “Bend,” a Japanese bonus track on XIV. There would be no Toto without the Porcaros; Steve and his late and dearly missed brothers, Mike and Jeff, are integral to their history and success. Of course, if you're not familiar with Toto, Steve has contributed to many other musician’s success, most notably Michael Jackson with "Human Nature" on Thriller. He was also the composer for the series “Justified.”

Despite his lengthy and successful history, this is Steve Porcaro's first solo album and if you're a fan of any of the music already mentioned, I'd strongly recommend it. If you’re a Toto fan, you better already have this and if you don’t, what the hell are you waiting for! The songs are ones Steve has tinkered with for years, all the way back to the 80’s for "Back to You" and “She’s the One.” Steve sings lead on seven of the tracks, Michael McDonald on two, and others on three others. Toto members Steve Lukather and Lenny Castro also contribute to the album.

Overall, Someday/Somehow is very much in the West Coast AOR vein, which should be fairly obvious given the contributors. It kicks off with the beautiful “Ready or Not,” which was written for Steve’s children a number of years ago and originally started with brother Mike. Other highlights include Michael McDonald’s lead on “Swing Street,” which is simply a fantastic tune and includes Mike Porcaro on bass. “She’s So Shy,” co-written and performed by Scottish singer Jamie Kimmett with Mike again on bass, is just beautiful. “Back to You,” as previously mentioned, is the oldest track on the album, having reportedly been written after an argument with his then girlfriend Rosanna “Not Quite a Year Since You Went Away” Arquette. The song was originally worked on for Toto, but was scrapped. As a result, it includes previously recorded work by Mike and Jeff. The outro of the song is classic Toto. “To No One,” like “Bend” on XIV, is a song written about brother Mike’s struggles with MS, and grew out of a “Justified” cue. It’s another soft beautiful track. “She’s the One” – orchestral and Steve “Luke” Lukather on guitar, what more can I say? The album closes with Mike on piano for “More Than I Can Take,” a beautiful elegy to his lost brothers.

There are a number of other excellent tracks on Someday/Somehow. The album is a lifetime in the making and, as a die-hard Toto fan, I simply love it. Thanks Steve and rest in peace Jeff and Mike.

theplanetgroove ,

Breathtaking! It's pure Steve Porcaro signature sound!

You can listen to Steve's beautiful & romantic music throughout this album. He spread his wings as most talented melody maker, 13 songs are all fantastic! Especially I loved tr.6 "Back To You", it is Porcaro Brothers song, Jeff & Mike Porcaro played on it. Very nice Pop song. This album also features Steve Lukather, Mike McDonald, Lenny Castro, Sam Porcaro, Michael Sherwood and others. If you love Steve's familiar TOTO songs, You would love this album!

songman45 ,

A beautiful, honest and heartfelt record

I love this record so much. As a Toto fan I was always taken by Steve Porcaro’s all too infrequent songwriting contributions. His songs on those records are true standouts for me. So obviously it’s a treat to have an entire record of Steve’s compositions. While I really enjoy the tunes sung by the guest vocalists, I hope that Steve chooses to sing everything on his next release. His voice is warm, intimate and human and is a perfect vehicle for conveying the beauty of his songs. Highly recommended!

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