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About Renato Teixeira

Renato Teixeira is an urban composer who discovered rather late the bucolic enchantments of the "caipira" (hillbilly) universe, trying to bring the genre to a larger audience. His song "Romaria" was recorded by Elis Regina, Richard Clayderman, Chitãozinho e Xororó, Sérgio Reis, Leandro e Leonardo, Inezita Barroso, Fábio Júnior, and many other top artists. "Sina de Violeiro" (re-recorded by Sérgio Reis) and "Tocando em Frente" (with Almir Sater), though not as popular, are also expressive. Teixeira has recorded over 16 solo LPs and CDs, and the commercial success of Ao Vivo no Rio represented a major breakthrough in a metropolis usually indifferent to the upcountry scene. In 1992, he received the Prêmio Sharp award.

Teixeira started to write songs at 14, in upstate São Paulo. Moving to the capital in 1967, his "Dadá Maria" qualified in the III FMPB (Festival of Brazilian Popular Music). In that same year, the song was recorded by Gal Costa; in subsequent years, Clara Nunes, Sílvio César, and Teixeira also recorded it. Still in 1967, he wrote the valse "A Madrasta," which was recorded the next year by Roberto Carlos, who presented it at the IV FMPB. "Marinheiro" qualified in the VII FIC (International Song Festival). "Romaria," a song that translated into music and poetry the melancholy of a man brought to the big city by force, was penned in 1973 (the year in which he had his first LP released) and recorded by Elis Regina four years later, representing the consecration of the author. Regina also recorded another of Teixeira's songs, "Sentimental Eu Fico," for the same album (Elis). ~ Alvaro Neder


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