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About King Africa

Argentinean dance-pop project King Africa was created in the early '90s, debuting in a local compilation with the song "E-O-E," released in 1992, followed by "Pontelo, Ponselo." In 1993, El Africano featured the hit single "Salta," soon achieving platinum status in Argentina and Chile. 1994's Al Palo came with a version of the classic tropical song "Mama Yo Quiero," climbing Latin charts throughout America. In 2001, King Africa became a major number in Spain after issuing "La Bomba," a catchy song made popular in the U.S. by Bolivian Azul Azul. Then, in a risky marketing attempt, he pronouced his 2002 single "El Humahuaqueno" to be the next great novelty dance hit in America before its release, signing a deal with Burger King in a cross-promotional attempt for mainstream success. ~ Drago Bonacich

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